Planning Policy Statement 7 (PPS7) creates a high standard for rural development - it acknowledges that exceptional design quality can justify individual new houses in the countryside.

'Very occasionally the exceptional quality and innovative nature of the design of a proposal, isolated new house may provide special justification for granting planning permission. [It] should be truly outstanding and ground-breaking, for example in its use of materials, methods of construction or its contribution to protecting and enhancing the environment, so helping to raise standards of design more generally in rural areas. The value of such a building will be found in its reflection of the highest standards in contemporary architecture, the significant enhancement of its immediate setting and its sensitivity to the defining characteristics of the local area' ..

Bench Architects join only a handful of practices to have secured planning permission for PPS7 houses.

In order to gain our Clients' planning consent in highly sensitive rural locations - we design partially top lit subterranean structures, harmonious and fully integrated in their surrounding landscapes.