The perception of all space is increased through the use of glass.

In 1929 Arthur Korn published Glas im Bau und als Gebrauchsgegenstand documenting the 'heroic-period' of the Modern Movement and Le Corbusier's 'le plan libre'. The architectural dynamism of modernism still inspires.

Bench Architects utilize glass to act as a foil to the adjacent environment both in their adaption of historic buildings and design of new structures.

Our solutions include:

  • Large frameless windows and doors which slide invisibly into wall and floor spaces.
  • Structural glass floors and staircases with edge lit with light-emitting-diodes.
  • Integration of photovoltaic laminates into glass - assisting microgeneration, shading and light diffusion.
  • Dynamic sun protection through insulating capillaries, metallic or timber louvers or motorized blinds within glass units.
  • Use of screen-printed enamels, pigmented lamination, slumped and sandblasting to promote colour and texture in glass.
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