Bench Architects have established a reputation in the repair, conservation and reuse of historic buildings interiors. This includes:

  • Archive Research and gathering documentary evidence.
  • Room Data Sheets.
  • Provision of Univesall Access.
  • Non-destructive tests, archaeology, field survey and recording. For example, paint sampling and analysis, endoscope analysis of concealed spaces, Dendrochronology.
  • Assessment of significance, vulnerability and defining issues: formation of policy. Significance of chronology and latter changes.
  • Insertion of new services into fragile historic fabric, including rewiring, new security, lightning and fire protection systems. Conservation heating with relative humidity control.

There are a number [or combination] of policies which may be relevant either holistically or for individual areas:
A. Conservation and maintenance of significant and historic interiors, with controlled use and prescribed future intervention.
B. Reinstatement of lost historic period detailing based upon documentary and archive evidence.
C. Interiors which are contemporary in design and act as a foil to the adjacent historic environment.