Frederick's Café & Gelateria - 1 Bridge Street, Bakewell, Derbyshire is an Ice Cream Parlour and patisserie / coffee shop. Frederick's Gelateria was the result of a conversion commissioned by John Frederick after he bought a tiny sweet shop that had two storeys and a narrow frontage to the pavement on Bridge Street. A believer in 'small is beautiful', the client was determined to maximise the use of this small space and insert a state-of-the-art interior.

The client's vision was realised by Bench Architects by the use of steel and glass to create a dramatic three-storey interior. The limited interior space was developed to ensure maximum functionality. Natural light enters through new roof lights and a large first floor window permeates to ground level through all glass floors. The first floor café' almost seems to be suspended in space. New open staircase supported on splayed steel beams was added with glass balustrades.

To facilitate these drastic interior alterations, Bench Architects have changed entry to the shop from right to left and, to bring high-tech design unobtrusively into the heart of Bakewell, Bench Architects gave the gelateria a traditional façade based on a study of Victorian and Edwardian examples. The shop front's window can be dropped into a cavity to allow interaction with customers on the street.